Security Services

American Executive Private Security proudly delivers reliable, professional, custom-tailored security services to clients across Southern California. We serve Los Angeles, Ventura, San Bernardino, Orange, and San Diego Counties, with expertise in the following areas:

Commercial and Residential Properties

American Executive Private Security understands the importance of providing a safe and secure environment for tenants. When we take on a residential or commercial property, we begin with a thorough examination of the community and culture in which your venue operates. We’ll conduct a physical security walk-through of your property, write detailed written instructions for site security, and recommend any necessary changes like lighting, cameras, or alarms.

Our security officers understand that they are an extension of the property management team, so they work to get to know the property manager: how they operate, their protocols and procedures, and their customer service objectives, allowing them to effectively represent property managers.

Our officers are trained to identify unprotected access zones, parking lots, and other areas that could pose a security risk. And if you have a noisy tenant, our officers will approach them deftly and discreetly to instruct them to be considerate of their neighbors. We make certain that all of our officers become acquainted with tenants, which not only allows them to provide excellent customer service but also allows them to identify trespassers faster and prevent crimes from occurring.

When a new security regime is implemented at these properties, some residents may express strong opposition. Our officers understand how to respond professionally to criticism and how to encourage them to take personal responsibility for creating a safe environment.

Our officers know how to spot unprotected access zones, parking, and other areas that may become potential security threats. And when you have a noisy tenant, our officers will deftly and discreetly approach the tenant to instruct them to be considerate of their neighbors. We make sure all our officers familiarize themselves with tenants, which not only helps them provide outstanding customer service but also allows them to identify trespassers faster and prevent crimes before they happen.

When a new security regime begins at these properties, there can be significant resistance from some residents. Our officers understand how to respond to pushback professionally and how to encourage them to take personal ownership of creating a safe environment. Domestic issues, prostitution, drugs, drug buying and selling, and gang activity are just a few of the issues that can plague troubled residential properties.

Construction Projects

American Executive Private Security is familiar with the particular challenges that the construction security industry presents. Break-ins, vandalism, equipment theft, tampering, and other security breaches can occur on construction sites, particularly during the days and hours when no one is working. We collaborate with construction companies, project managers, and superintendents to prevent workplace crime and save them money on insurance.

We keep detailed records of all incoming and outgoing site traffic, as well as log-in and log-out times for all vehicles, vendors, and subcontractors.

Accurate site data ensures that all materials and equipment are always secured and accounted for, as well as operational continuity between shift changes.

We also work with vendors who provide motion detection camera monitoring services and solar-powered lighting systems. Our vendors monitor the property remotely while staying in constant contact with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Shipping & Receiving Facilities

We understand that a dependable system for documenting incoming and outgoing traffic is critical to the safe and efficient operation of shipping and receiving facilities. American Executive Private Security takes pride in its ability to implement a foolproof system to secure your cargo, prevent crime, and ensure an accurate inventory count.

AEPS has its own destiny software system that we use to capture all facility traffic, including personnel and vehicles, as well as digital time stamps. This system enables us to generate daily activity reports, incident reports, and to share data with all relevant stakeholders in real time.

Our officers will cover all the shipping & receiving basics with care and detail: credential checks, verifying documentation, protection of restricted areas from unauthorized personnel, and frequent inspections of all surrounding gates, walls, entrances, and exits.

Using geofencing technology, we can create a virtual site perimeter and monitor all traffic as it passes into and from the location. We use geofencing to track and record our guard’s whereabouts and alert us when a guard leaves the property or when there’s a shift change. We can seamlessly track all this information in real-time using a mobile app.


Event Security

American Executive Private Security officers have safeguarded countless unique events, from concerts to festivals to film production sites, and we understand the various demands of event security.

We’ll assess your security risks and handle all of your event security basics, including setting up security checkpoints, efficiently executing ID checks and screening processes, establishing clear boundaries, and securing the event perimeter to prevent trespassing.

We’ve dealt with crowds in the most chaotic of situations, and our officers will keep their cool and de-escalate problems before they spiral out of control.

Attendees at many events are frequently inebriated both during and after the event. Our security officers understand how to deal with inebriated people and manage crowds to ensure they get to their cars and leave the premises safely. And, of course, we will provide exceptional customer service from start to finish of your event. Our professional security team will also arrive prepared with all necessary PPE materials and will adhere to social distancing protocols.